Welcome to the Opencast docs!

Opencast is an open source video capture and processing software. For more information about the project visit opencast.org

Adopters Guide

The Opencast adopters guide contains official release documentation and installation and configuration details.

Developer Guide

The Opencast developer guide contains information for active developers and those who want to become involved.



Our webinars range from how to use basic tools to highly technical topics. Upcoming webinars are announced on the mailing list and on the website. Take a look at the list of previously recorded webinars.

Communication & Help

Mailing lists

Discussions take place on several mailing lists:

You can subscribe via Google Groups (linked above) or simply by sending a mail to [list]+subscribe@opencast.org (e.g. users+subscribe@opencast.org).


You can find an overview of all meetings and events in our community calender.

Technical meeting

Weekly open meeting of developers and dev-ops at meet.opencast.video (room 1, p: welcome), check the calendar link for dates and times. This is where you want to be to talk technical Opencast issues with developers.

SysAdmin meeting

Monthly adopters and sys-admins meeting at meet.opencast.video (room 1, p: welcome), check the calendar link for dates and times. The goal of this meeting is to talk about current challenges, as well as upcoming development and testing coordination. If you run Opencast, or are thinking about doing so, this is the meeting to attend.

Matrix room (Chat)

For occasional quick questions join us in Matrix: #opencast-community:matrix.org.



You can find the codebase of Opencast in the Git repository hosted at github.com/opencast/opencast. Feel free to fork the project and open pull requests. If you need help or more information, please do not hesitate to ask any question on the developers list.


Please report security related bugs by sending an email to security@opencast.org. Everything else should be filed as a ticket in our issue tracker.


You can help translating Opencast to your language on crowdin.com/profile/opencast. Simply request to join the project on Crowdin and start translating. If you are interested in translating a language which is not a target language right now, please ask on the developers list and we will add the language.

Test Servers

Official test servers are available for develop and the latest release branches. All servers are reset daily at 2am (Europe/Berlin timezone).