Asset Manager Configuration

How can I use a different storage backend?

Configure an alternate storage backend, and then either use the REST endpoints or the Move Storage workflow operation as part of a workflow. Note that the REST endpoints trigger workflows, the workflow operation handlers are generally only useful as part of an automated storage tiering system.

REST Endpoints

The REST endpoints can be accessed from $server_url/assets/docs. The value of $server_url is set during basic configuration. There is no other current user interface for storage tiering at this time.

Config Options

File System Based Asset Store

Configure the file system based asset store in

  • org.opencastproject.episode.rootdir The path where the file system based asset store of the default implementation stores the assets. This key is optional.
  • This is Opencast’s general config key to configure the base path of everything storage related. If no storage directory is configured explicitely, the file system based asset store will use ${}/archive as its base path.