Install Opencast

Server requirements higly depend on on processed material. There are a few hints about a sensible machine setup to run Opencast on:

Installation from Repository

There are package repositories available for multiple operating systems. It provides packages containing pre-configured and pre-built Opencast installations.

Installation with Docker

You can also use Docker to quickly install or test Opencast. There are multiple Docker images available for installing Opencast on either a single or multiple server.

Installation from Source

These guides will help you to build Opencast, including all necessary third party tools. This method will most likely work on all Unix-like systems and should be very similar on undocumented systems.

Installation Across Multiple Servers

For production systems, it is recommended to install Opencast across multiple servers to separate the processing, management and presentation layer, so that, for example, even if the processing layer is under full load, users can still watch recordings unaffected since the presentation layer is running on a separate machine.

Installation via Script

We provide configuration scripts to install and configure Opencast automatically. These scripts rely on the packages from the repository above.

Prerelease repository testing

We build nightly packages in all of our packaging types. The prerelease documentation documents how to enable it. This packaging is only for experts and should not be used by anyone aside from an experienced Opencast adopter.