Image-Convert Workflow Operation

ID: image-convert


The Image-Convert workflow operation allows source images to be converted into target images with different encoding settings. One example is the conversion of preview images into different formats.

This operation expects an attachment as input and creates one attachment as output.

Parameter Table

configuration keys example description default value
source-tags* preview+player,preview+search A comma separated list of source image(s) tags. EMPTY
source-flavors* */image A comma separated list of source image(s) flavors. EMPTY
tags-and-flavors false An boolean value whether to select elements with tags and flavors (then set this option to true) or either tags or flavors (then set this option to false). false
target-tags +preview-converted,-preview+player Apply these (comma separated) tags to the output attachments. If a target-tag starts with a '-', it will be removed from preexisting tags, if a target-tag starts with a '+', it will be added to preexisting tags. If there is no prefix, all preexisting tags are removed and replaced by the target-tags. EMPTY
target-flavor* */image+converted Apply these flavor to the output attachments. EMPTY
encoding-profiles* jpeg-player,jpeg-search A comma separated list of encoding profiles to be applied to each input image. EMPTY

* mandatory configuration key

Note: At least source-tags or source-flavors parameter must be set.

Operation Example

This operation would convert all image attachments with flavor matches */preview and tag player into two different formats described by the encoding profiles preview-regular.image and preview-small.image. The produced image attachments will have an flavor with the subtype preview+player.

    description="Resize images to fixed size">
    <configuration key="source-tags">player</configuration>
    <configuration key="source-flavors">*/preview</configuration>
    <configuration key="tags-and-flavors">true</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-tags"></configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">*/preview+player</configuration>
    <configuration key="encoding-profiles">preview-regular.image,preview-small.image</configuration>

Encoding Profile Example

# Player preview image regular size = player preview image regular size
profile.preview-regular.image.input = image
profile.preview-regular.image.output = image
profile.preview-regular.image.suffix = -preview-regular.jpg
profile.preview-regular.image.mimetype = image/jpeg
profile.preview-regular.image.ffmpeg.command = -i #{} -vf scale=480:-2 #{out.dir}/#{}#{out.suffix}