Microsoft Azure Start Transcription


Microsoft Azure Start Transcription invokes the Azure Speech-to-Text service by passing a file with an audio track to be translated to text.

Parameter Table

configuration keys description default value example
source-flavor The flavor of the file to be sent for translation. EMPTY presenter/delivery
source-tag The flavor of the file to be sent for translation. EMPTY transcript
skip-if-flavor-exists If this flavor already exists in the media package, skip this operation.
To be used when the media package already has a transcript file. Optional
false captions/vtt+en-us
language-code The language code to use for the transcription. Optional. If set, it will override the configuration language code EMPTY en-US, supported languages

One of source-flavor or source-tag must be specified.


    <!-- Start Microsoft Azure transcription job -->
        description="Start Microsoft Azure transcription job">
        <!--  Skip this operation if flavor already exists. Used for cases when mediapackage already has captions. -->
        <configuration key="skip-if-flavor-exists">captions/vtt+de-DE</configuration>
        <configuration key="language-code">de-DE</configuration>
        <configuration key="source-flavor">presenter/prepared</configuration>