Post Media Package Workflow Operation

ID: post-mediapackage


This workflow operation can be used to send a POST request containing an XML/JSON representation of the media package processed by the workflow to an external web service. the service supports HTTP Basic and Digest authentication.

Parameter Table

Configuration Keys Description
url The target URL
format The desired export format: xml or json
debug Disable this on a productive system. If enabled, request bodies etc. will be written to log. If disabled, only errors will be logged.
mediapackage.type Type of Mediapackage to send (possible values: workflow, search; default: search)
auth.enabled enable authentication (simple/digest will be detected automatically)
auth.username username for authentication
auth.password password for authentication
+source_system fields with keys beginning with + will be added to the message body

Operation Example

    description="Sending MediaPackage to Lernfunk3">
    <configuration key="url"></configuration>
    <configuration key="format">xml</configuration>
    <configuration key="debug">no</configuration>
    <configuration key="mediapackage.type">search</configuration>
    <configuration key="auth.enabled">yes</configuration>
    <configuration key="auth.username">exportuser</configuration>
    <configuration key="auth.password">secret</configuration>
    <configuration key="+source_system"></configuration>