Tag Workflow Operation

ID: tag


With the tag operation, it's possible to select various media package elements and then modify their tags and/or their flavor.

So for example it's possible to pick up elements like the dublin core catalogs that have been added to the media package at the beginning of the workflow and tag them, so they can be picked up by operations later on.

Parameter Table

Tags and flavors can be used in combination.

configuration keys example description default value
source-tags "engage,atom,rss,-publish" Tag any media package elements with one of these (comma separated) tags. If a source-tag starts with a '-', media package elements with this tag will be excluded. EMPTY
source-flavors "presentation/trimmed" Tag any media package elements with one of these (comma separated) flavors. EMPTY
target-tags "tagged,+rss" / "-rss,+tagged" Apply these (comma separated) tags to any media package elements. If a target-tag starts with a '-', it will be removed from preexisting tags, if a target-tag starts with a '+', it will be added to preexisting tags. If there is no prefix, all preexisting tags are removed and replaced by the target-tags. EMPTY
target-flavor "presentation/tagged" Apply these flavor to any media package elements EMPTY
copy "true" or "false" Indicates if matching elements will be cloned before tagging is applied or whether tagging is applied to the original element. Set to "true" to create a copy first, "false" otherwise. FALSE

Target Tags Example

Target-Tags Preexisting Tags Resulting Tags
rss engage rss
+rss engage engage,rss
-rss engage,rss engage
tagged,+rss engage tagged
-rss,+tagged engage,rss engage,tagged

Operation Example

  description="Tagging media package elements">
    <configuration key="source-tags">engage,atom,publish</configuration>
    <configuration key="source-flavors">presentation/trimmed</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-tags">-atom,+rss</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">presentation/tagged</configuration>
    <configuration key="copy">true</configuration>

You can also use tag to just modify flavors (*/source will not be present any longer):

  description="Changing flavor of source elements">
    <configuration key="source-flavors">*/source</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">*/delivery</configuration>