Paella Player 7 Opencast Module


Node.js version 14 or higher is required.

Debug and develop

To debug Paella Player, a tool based on webpack debug server is provided, which allows to run Opencast through a proxy.

Install Paella Player in standalone mode

First of all, install the Paella Player dependencies using npm:

cd [opencast-root]/modules/engage-paella-7
npm ci

Run Paella Player using the webpack proxy

By default, Paella Player will point to http://localhost:8080 to redirect all the requests to Opencast, so if you compile and run Opencast on your local machine. To do it, you simply have to execute the following npm command:

npm run dev

But you also can debug and develop Paella Player without having an Opencast installation on your local machine. To do it, simply specify the server environment variable when you launch the npm command:

npm run dev -- --env server=

Run debugger

You can debug access the webpack proxy using the 7070 port:


If Paella Player 7 is not the default player in your Opencast settings, you can access it using the following URL:


Paella Player configuration

The configuration files and their resources are located outside the Paella Player 7 module, in this location:


Check Paella Player code

You can use the following npm commands to check your Paella Player code:

npm run eslint
npm run html-linter
npm run html-validate

Or you can use this command to execute all the previous commands together:

npm run check