By linking Roles and Users, Groups allow for managing permissions and access to resources and certain parts of the UI. See the About Roles section for more information about Roles in the UI.

How to add Groups

Groups can be added using the Add group button. Roles and users can be selected upon creation of the group.

Note that every group defines a role, and each group member is assigned this role ROLE_GROUP_<group name>, which can then be used in Access Policies to grant a certain action to all members of that group.

How to edit Groups

Groups can be edited using the edit icon ( icon_hamburger ). Roles and users can be selected upon creation of the group. Once selected, all aspects of a group can be edited and updated.

How to delete Groups

Use the delete icon ( icon_delete ) in the Actions column to delete groups.

About Roles

Roles allow an administrator to define permissions on a per-user or per-group basis. Here is a list of some of the role and what they are used for:

  • ROLE_ADMIN: This role overrides any other role and provides full access to the users that possess it.

  • ROLE_UI_*: Are bound to UI elements and endpoint security. They allow/deny access to certain parts of the UI.

  • ROLE_API_*: These are similar to the ROLES_UI however they protect the external API of Opencast.

  • ROLE_GROUP_*: A role that is defined by each group and that is assigned to every member of that group.