In order to log-in to the Opencast administrative user interfaces you will need to request a username and password from your system administrator. See the Users section for more information about how to create users.

  1. Enter username and password
  2. Remember me: Set this slider to remember you if you always log-in from the same computer
  3. Language selection: Select the language you would like the user interface to display. This can also be changed or set once you are logged-in
  4. Click the Log-in button

Currently the user interface is translated into German, French, English and Spanish. You are welcome to translate into other languages, you can find more information here in the i18n section of this documentation.

Note: There is no self-registration functionality in the Opencast administrative interface. However, if you just finished the initial setup of your Opencast instance, you will have noticed the administrative username and password in the configuration section. This user can be used to log in with administrator rights and create less privileged users.