Processing Tasks can be started on Events that have successfully been added to the Opencast asset management (i.e. they are not in processing, scheduled or failed state).

A Task is essentially applying a workflow on an Event. A Task can be started on one or multiple events by selecting the Event(s) > Actions > Schedule Task. Select the workflow and press Submit to start the Task.

It is currently not possible to stop a running Task.

Taks Statuses

  • INSTANTIATED: The task on the event is being prepared
  • RUNNING: The task is currently running
  • STOPPED: The task has stopped. Note: Stopping a task can only be achieved using the REST endpoint
  • PAUSED: The task is paused and requires manual action (for example cutting) to proceed
  • SUCCEEDED: The task has been run successfully
  • FAILED: The task has failed. See the Event’s details for more information
  • FAILING: The current task is about to fail and processing artifacts are being cleaned up