The Users page is accessible from the Main Menu > Users/Groups > Users. This page lists all users that are present on the installation.

Opencast supports various types of user directories which means that the users listed on this page may come from various sources. Depending on which directory a user is stored in, its details may or may not be editable (see “How to edit users”).

How to add Users

Users can be added by using the Add user button. Make sure all the mandatory information is filled. Users can be assigned a Role upon creation or edit. To set the user’s role using groups, see the Groups section.

How to edit Users

Use the edit icon ( icon_hamburger ) on the Actions column to edit a user.

How to delete Users

Use the delete icon ( icon_delete ) in the Actions column to delete users.

Some users are not manageable because they are defined in a read-only directory and cannot be edited via the UI.