The video editor section contains the tools that allow a producer to visualize and edit videos. To access the video editor, go to the Events list and press the video editor icon ( icon_video_preview ) in the Actions column.

Playback mode

Note that if no preview file is available the icon will not be displayed. Make sure that the workflow you are using are generating a preview.

Video editor

Click on "Editor" below the player controls to activate the editing tools. The editing tool allows for cutting part of a video clip. The main components of the tool are described below.

The player

Video player

Player controls:

  • Play / Pause: Start and stop the video playback.
  • FF / REW: Will place the marker on the next or previous video frame
  • Next / Previous: Will jump to the next or previous segment

The toolbar

The toolbar features all the actions that are available in the tool.

Video editor toolbar

  • Split: Split the underlying segment at the marker's position on the timeline
  • Cut: Marks a segment that should be cut out of the video during processing. The background of the "Cut" segment is red
  • Replay segment: Replays the current segment
  • Clear segments: Removes all the segments except for one that covers the full length of the video

The timeline

The timeline displays the video trak as well as the waveform of the audio track. The position marker (red vertical line) can be moved by dragging it with the mouse or by using the Next / Previous buttons in the player controls.

The zoom control allows for a more precise positioning of the marker.

Video editor timeline

The actions bar

The actions bar allows for saving and starting a processing cycle on a video.

  • When no workflow is selected, pressing the Save button will save the segments that have been created and the user will be redirected to the events page.
  • When a workflow has been selected, the Save & Process will save the cutting information and immediately start the processing task on the video.

Video editor actions

Note: by pressing close, the user will be redirected to the events page and the segments that have been created will not be saved.