AmberScript Transcription Service


The AmberScriptTranscriptionService uses the AmberScript Transcription API to transcribe audio files. Audio will get extracted from an opencast recording video file and sent to the AmberScript server to be processed. AmberScriptTranscriptionService will periodically check for a transcription result. Depending on your audio length and job type chosen, transcribing will take some time. When the transcription result is ready the service will transform it to VTT format and attach it to the recording. The recording will be available prior when its workflow finishes. As soon as the transcription gets attached, the Video will be able to be played back using transcriptions.


Step 1: Get AmberScript API key

Step 2: Configure AmberscriptTranscriptionService

Edit opencast/etc/org.opencastproject.transcription.amberscript.AmberscriptTranscriptionService.cfg:

Step 3: Include workflow operations into your workflow

Integrate AmberScript workflow operations by including the provided workflow file amberscript-start-transcription.xml into your existing workflow:

  description="Start AmberScript Transcription">
    <configuration key="workflow-id">amberscript-start-transcription</configuration>

Workflow Operations