Opencast 10: Release Notes



Behaviour changes

API changes

Additional Notes about 10.14

This release adds plaholder support in video filenames for the rename-files operation, as well as an updated Terms of Use. This will trigger the registration screen again for your admin user.

Additional Notes about 10.13

This release resolves a few URL signing issues, as well as updating the default Paella configuration file to match Paella 6.5.6.

Additional Notes about 10.12

This release upgrades Paella from 6.4.4 to 6.5.6 to repair HLS functionality. This release also updates the editor and studio to their latest releases.

Additional Notes about 10.11

This release downgrades Paella from 6.5.5 to 6.4.4 to HLS videos not loading on slow connections.

Additional Notes about 10.10

This release adds the Rename Files workflow operation handler, and resolves an issue in the admin UI's metadata display along with a number of other, minor bug fixes.

Additional Notes about 10.9

This fix is mainly bugfixes, with the notable exception of #3305 which updates our logging system yet again.

Additional Notes about 10.8

This release contains a security fix:

Like the previous release this is an out-of-order patch to address and resolve a further vulnerability discovered by security researchers. Unlike the previous release it not only provides an updated version of Pax Logging, but also entirely removes the replaced bundles from Opencast's assemblies to avoid confusion if people do find the old, vulnerable version of Log4J somewhere on the filesystem, even though it is not used.

Additional Notes about 10.7

This release contains an updated version of Pax Logging, which provides Opencast's Log4j functionality. Earlier versions are affected by the Log4Shell vulnerability, which was partially mitigated in 10.6 by GHSA-mf4f-j588-5xm8. Further vulnerability discoveries by security researchers have rendered the previous mitigations ineffective. Normally we would wait for our underlying runtime (Apache Karaf) to update, however in light of the severity of these issues we have issued an out-of-order patch to address, and resolve, these concerns immediately.

Additional Notes about 10.6

This release fixes several bugs. This release also contains fixes for three security issues. The simplest of these was fixed in 9.10 and merged forward to this release. This fix is:

The other two security related issues are:

Notably, these last two issues could completely expose all secrets in your production system. You should consider changing them.

Additional Notes about 10.5

This release fixes several bugs. Notably, this should drastically speed up audio normalization.

Additional Notes about 10.4

This release fixes bugs and a startup issue. Some adopters were experiencing startup issues due to the JWT authentication module being installed by default. This release removes that module for default configurations.

Additional Notes about 10.3

This release fixes a number of bugs. This release also includes a fix which prevents ActiveMQ from eventually blocking operations. This fix must be manually deployed. Please follow the existing the message broker configuration instructions with the updated file.

Additional Notes about 10.2

This release fixes a number of bugs including two very important fixes related Extron SMP capture agent compatibility and problems during publication.

Manual action required if upgrading from Opencast 10.1: Opencast 10.1 contains a bug which can cause problems with republishing events. If you never ran 10.1 in production, e.g. upgraded from 9.7 to 10.2, no manual action is required.

If you have, to fix the problem, you will need to re-write the search service's Solr entries set in Opencast 10.1 by re-indexing those events. To re-index, stop your presentation/allinone node, remove <karaf-data>/solr-indexes/search (often /var/lib/opencast/solr-indexes/search) and restart Opencast. The re-index progress will be logged. Once Opencast is up again, everything should be fine. All other indexes are not effected.

More details can be found at pull request #2923.

Additional Notes about 10.1

This release contains many bugfixes. In particular, the email libraries are now working properly! You might also encounter issues with updating the Elasticsearch indices with 10.0, especially when deleting elements, that are fixed with this minor release.

From this release onwards there's also no longer the need to run the Elasticsearch index rebuild separately for each service to avoid concurrency issues. Instead, you can simply use the /admin-ng/index/recreateIndex or /api/recreateIndex endpoints to trigger the complete rebuild and be sure that everything will happen in order, since there is no longer any asynchronicity involved.

Release Schedule

Date Phase
May 18, 2021 Feature freeze
May 24, 2021 Translation week
May 31, 2021 Public QA
June 15, 2021 Release of Opencast 10.0

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