Opencast 10: Release Notes



Behaviour changes

API changes

Additional Notes about 10.4

This release fixes bugs and a startup issue. Some adopters were experiencing startup issues due to the JWT authentication module being installed by default. This release removes that module for default configurations.

Additional Notes about 10.3

This release fixes a number of bugs. This release also includes a fix which prevents ActiveMQ from eventually blocking operations. This fix must be manually deployed. Please follow the existing the message broker configuration instructions with the updated file.

Additional Notes about 10.2

This release fixes a number of bugs including two very important fixes related Extron SMP capture agent compatibility and problems during publication.

Manual action required if upgrading from Opencast 10.1: Opencast 10.1 contains a bug which can cause problems with republishing events. If you never ran 10.1 in production, e.g. upgraded from 9.7 to 10.2, no manual action is required.

If you have, to fix the problem, you will need to re-write the search service's Solr entries set in Opencast 10.1 by re-indexing those events. To re-index, stop your presentation/allinone node, remove <karaf-data>/solr-indexes/search (often /var/lib/opencast/solr-indexes/search) and restart Opencast. The re-index progress will be logged. Once Opencast is up again, everything should be fine. All other indexes are not effected.

More details can be found at pull request #2923.

Additional Notes about 10.1

This release contains many bugfixes. In particular, the email libraries are now working properly! You might also encounter issues with updating the Elasticsearch indices with 10.0, especially when deleting elements, that are fixed with this minor release.

From this release onwards there's also no longer the need to run the Elasticsearch index rebuild separately for each service to avoid concurrency issues. Instead, you can simply use the /admin-ng/index/recreateIndex or /api/recreateIndex endpoints to trigger the complete rebuild and be sure that everything will happen in order, since there is no longer any asynchronicity involved.

Release Schedule

Date Phase
May 18, 2021 Feature freeze
May 24, 2021 Translation week
May 31, 2021 Public QA
June 15, 2021 Release of Opencast 10.0

Release managers