What it does

The Brightspace User Provider enriches Opencast users with a set of roles made up of the user's membership in Brightspace courses, of the form ROLE_courseID. For example, an Opencast user who is also a Brightspace user and a member of the Brightspace course myCourseID will be granted the Opencast role ROLE_myCourseID.

Step 1: Configure the User Provider

To enable the Brightspace User Provider, copy and rename the bundled configuration template from OPENCAST/etc/org.opencastproject.userdirectory.brightspace-default.cfg.template to OPENCAST/etc/org.opencastproject.userdirectory.brightspace-default.cfg

Edit the configuration file to set your Brightspace URL and the credentials needed for making authenticated API calls.

# The organization for this provider

# The URL for the Brightspace REST webservice

# properties for authentication in brightspace api

# The maximum number of users to cache

# The maximum number of minutes to cache a user

Step 2: Verify Granted Access

Verify that the Brightspace User Provider starts up with the correct Brightspace URL by looking for a log entry like this:

(BrightspaceUserProviderInstance:143) - Creating new BrightspaceUserProviderInstance(pid=org.opencastproject.userdirectory.brightspace.378cdff4-825f-4b60-b1ed-33f75aa7f265, url= ... , cacheSize=1000, cacheExpiration=60)

Then login to Opencast using a username which also exists in your Brightspace system. Verify the roles granted to the user by opening the URL OPENCAST-URL/info/me.json in a new browser tab, or navigate to the user details and open the tab "Effective Roles".

If necessary, you can increase the logging detail from the Brightspace user provider by adding an entry to OPENCAST/etc/org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg: