Paella Player 7

The Paella (pronounced 'paeja') Player is an Open Source JavaScript video player capable of playing an unlimited number of audio & video streams synchronously, Live Streaming, Zoom, Captions, contributed user plugins and a lot more. It is easy to install and customize for your own needs.

Paella 7 will be a complete rewrite of Paella, aiming several issues

Have a look at the paella 7 repository or documentation page.


The configurations for the player are done for each tenant. So the configuration keys are located in .../etc/ui-config/<tenant>/paella7/config.yml

The default tenant for opencast is mh_default_org

Change the default colors

To customize the theme modify the .../etc/ui-config/<tenant>/paella7/custom_theme.css file.

Select the Opencast Player

To activate the player set for each tenant the property prop.player in the file .../etc/org.opencastproject.organization-<tenant>.cfg.