Stand-Alone Video Editor

Opencast's stand-alone video editor provides a tool for users to cut videos without full access to the admin interface. It strives to be simple and easy to use while providing enough features for most common use-cases.

Accessing The Editor

You can access the editor by providing an event identifier to the web interface like this:


Preview Tracks

Preview tracks for the editor are retrieved from the internal publication, similar to the editor in the admin interface. But unlike the admin interface, tracks are selected in the following way, falling back to the next rule if the previous yielded no results:

More details about the preview track selection can be found and configured in etc/org.opencastproject.editor.EditorServiceImpl.cfg.

Workflow Selection

The editor offers a workflow selection, allowing users to choose how an event is being processed. Workflows need to be tagged editor to show up in the user interface. The interface honors title, description and display order of workflows.

If only a single workflow exists, the selection will be skipped.

Replacing the Admin Interface Editor

It is possible to have the admin interface link to the stand-alone editor instead of the internal editor. For this, configure the prop.admin.editor.url in etc/org.opencastproject.organization-mh_default_org.cfg.


The following configuration files allow customization of the editor: