Video Editor: Setup

Silence Detection Configuration

The settings regarding the sensitivity of the silence detection can be changed in etc/org.opencastproject.silencedetection.impl.SilenceDetectionServiceImpl.cfg.

  1. silence.pre.length
    • Duration of silence that should be included at the beginning of a new voice segment. This is to avoid that a cut seems to sudden.
    • Default: 2000 (2s)
  2. silence.threshold.db
    • Silence threshold (e.g. -50dB for loud classrooms, -35dB for silent indoor location).
    • Default: -40dB
  3. silence.min.length
    • Minimum duration in milliseconds to detect a sequence as silence.
    • Default: 10000 (10s)
  4. voice.min.length
    • Minimum segment duration in milliseconds to start a new voice containing sequence after a silent sequence.
    • Default: 60000 (1min)

Video Editor Configuration

The FFmpeg properties for the Video Editor can be modified in etc/org.opencastproject.videoeditor.impl.VideoEditorServiceImpl.cfg. Usually there should be no reason to touch this file.