AmberScript Attach Transcription Workflow Operation

ID: amberscript-attach-transcription


The AmberScript Attach Transcription operation attaches the result file received from the transcription service to the media package.

Parameter Table

configuration keys description default example
transcription-job-id This is filled out by the transcription service when starting the workflow. ${transcriptionJobId} Should always be "${transcriptionJobId}"
target-flavor The flavor to apply to the captions/transcriptions file. Optional. captions/srt captions/vtt+en
target-tag The tag to apply to the caption/transcription file generated. Optional. - engage-download
target-caption-format The caption format to be generated. Optional. srt vtt

Note: If you set the language property in org.opencastproject.transcription.amberscript.AmberscriptTranscriptionService.cfg the target flavor will be appended by + (e.g. captions/srt+de).