Analyze Media Package Workflow Operation

ID: analyze-mediapackage


The analyze media package operation analyzes the mediapackage and sets workflow instance variables based on the content of the medapackage. These variables can then be used to control if workflow operations should be executed or skipped.

Workflow Instance Variables

Name Example Description
*flavor*_exists presenter_source_exists=true Whether an element with given flavor is in the mediapackage.
*flavor*_type presenter_source_type=Track The type of the element with the given flavor. Possible values are: Attachment, Catalog, Track.

Parameter Table

If no configuration keys are specified, workflow instance variables will be set for every mediapackage element.

If no mediapackage element matches a configuration key, no workflow instance variables will be set for that key. For example, the operation will never generate presentation_work_exists=false.

Configuration Key Example Description
source-flavors */work The comma separated list of flavors of the elements we are interested in.
source-tags delivery, 1080p The comma separated list of tags of the elements we are interested in.

Operation Example

    description="Analyze media package and set control variables">

The operation will create workflow instance variables like this: