Google Speech Attach Transcription Workflow Operation

ID: google-speech-attach-transcription


Google Speech Attach Transcription converts the json format file received from the Google Speech-to-Text service into the desired caption format and adds it to the media package.

Parameter Table

configuration keys description default value example
transcription-job-id This is filled out by the transcription service when starting the workflow. EMPTY Should always be "${transcriptionJobId}"
line-size The line size (number of characters) of the transcripts to display at a time. Optional. EMPTY 100
target-flavor The flavor of the caption/transcription file generated. Mandatory. EMPTY captions/timedtext
target-tag The tag to apply to the caption/transcription file generated. Optional. EMPTY archive
target-caption-format The caption format to be generated. Optional. If not entered, the raw resulting file will be attached to the media package. EMPTY vtt


<!-- Attach caption/transcript --><G
<operation id="google-speech-attach-transcription"
    description="Attach captions/transcription">
    <!-- This is filled out by the transcription service when starting this workflow -->
    <configuration key="transcription-job-id">${transcriptionJobId}</configuration>
    <configuration key="line-size">100</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">captions/timedtext</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-tag">archive</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-caption-format">vtt</configuration>

<!-- Publish to engage player -->
<operation id="publish-engage"
    description="Distribute and publish to engage server">
    <configuration key="download-source-flavors">dublincore/*,security/*,captions/*</configuration>
    <configuration key="strategy">merge</configuration>
    <configuration key="check-availability">false</configuration>