List Providers

Opencast supports fully configurable key-value lists. To add a new list, simply create a file with the extension .properties in etc/listproviders. The list will be loaded or updated automatically.

The Java properties file format is used with the following special keys to configure the list:

Key Type Description Mandatory Default String The list's unique identifier within a tenant yes n/a
list.default String The name of the default key no n/a
list.translatable Boolean Whether the values are supposed to be translatable no false String The organization ID no "*"

Note that it is up to the client to handle the keys list.default and list.translatable.


The key can be used to configure lists for specific tenants in multi-tenant setups. It defaults to * which means that the list is available for all tenants.

The following logic is used to locate a list with a given list name LISTNAME:

  1. Return the list LISTNAME specific to the current tenant
  2. If not found, return the list LISTNAME available for all tenants
  3. If not found, return no list

While the filename of the list does not affect the list itself, we recommend to include the organization identifier in the filename.




On org-b, the key-value pair for the list MYLIST is ["key-org-b", "value-org-b"] due to the tenant specific configuration. On org-a, the key-value pair for the list MYLIST is ["key", "value"]. Since there is no tenant specific configuration for org-a, the defaults are used.