Paella plugin: org.opencast.paella.matomo.userTrackingDataPlugin

This plugin allows to use Matomo service to track usage data.

The configurations for this plugin are done for each tenant. So you need to modify the plugins section of the paella config file.


You need to enabled the org.opencast.paella.matomo.userTrackingDataPlugin plugin.

    "org.opencast.paella.matomo.userTrackingDataPlugin": {
        "enabled": true,
        "context": [
        "server": "//",
        "siteId": "1",
        "matomoGlobalLoaded": false,
        "cookieType": "tracking",
        "logUserId": true,
        "events": {
            "category": "PaellaPlayer",
            "action": "${event}",
            "name": "${videoId}"
        "customDimensions": {
            "1": "${videoId}",
            "2": "${metadata.series} - ${metadata.seriestitle}",
            "3": "${metadata.presenters}"

Configuration parameters:

Template Vars: