Mattermost Notification Workflow Operation

ID: mattermost-notify


The Mattermost notify operation sends a notification to a channel of Mattermost or similar applications, like Slack, with the chosen parameters provided. It is useful to send such notifications when some operation(s) have been completed or some error has occurred in a workflow.

The notification message can be freely chosen. You can use different parameters which will be replaced with the corresponding metadata of the current workflow instance (see List of parameters).

Parameter Table

configuration keys description default
url URL of the mattermost webhook EMPTY
message Message that will be send EMPTY
method HTTP method that will be used post
max-retry Value for the number of attempts for a request 5
timeout Maximum time to wait for client to execute a request 10 * 1000

Operation Example

    description="Notify Mattermost about error">
    <configuration key="url">insert-url-of-mattermost-webhook</configuration>
    <configuration key="message">Error at Workflow %i (%t) State: %s</configuration>
    <configuration key="method">post</configuration>
    <configuration key="max-retry">3</configuration>
    <configuration key="timeout">5</configuration>

Message Variables

All message variables (%<letter>) will be substituted with corresponding metadata of the current workflow instance when the message is being sent.

Parameter Metadata
%t Title of workflow
%i ID of workflow
%s State of workflow
%o ID of current workflow operation
%I ID of media package
%T Title of media package
%C Creators of media package
%c Contributors of media package
%D Date of media package
%d Duration of media package
%L License of media package
%l Language of media package
%S Series-Title of media package