Opencast provides an extensible mechanism to make statistics data available to the Opencast administrative user interface and also to third-party applications using the External API.

The overall idea is that sources of statistics data (StatisticsProvider) are managed at a central service (StatisticsService). The StatisticsService supports a minimal set of common attributes, in particular, the type of the StatisticsProvider which implies a data format and available parametrization.

A client can use the StatisticsService to retrieve a list of all available StatisticsProviders. The data format as well as the parameters supported by the StatisticsProviders are implied by the type of the provider. This information is used by the client to decide whether it can visualize the statistics data and which component has to be used for visualization.


The StatisticsService consists of the following modules:

Interfaces & Classes

The Opencast StatisticsService implements the two interfaces StatisticsCoordinator and StatisticsService.


This interface is used by StatisticsProvider implementations to register and unregister themselves at the statistics service.

Method Description
addProvider Register a statistics provider at the statistics service
removeProvider Unregister a statistics provider from the statistics service


This is the interface used by clients of the statistics service to retrieve a list of registered statistics providers

Method Description
getProviders Retrieve lists of statistics providers


The StatisticsProvider interface provides access to common attributes of the statistics providers:

Method Description
getId Returns the unique identifier of the statistics provider
getType Returns the type of the statistics provider
getResourceType Returns the ResourceType of the statistics provider
getName Returns the displayable name of the statistics provider
getDescription Returns the displayable description of the statistics provider

whereas supported resource types are

ResourceType Description
EPISODE The statistics data relates to an episode
SERIES The statistics data relates to a series
ORGANIZATION The statistics data does not relate to a particular object


The StatisticsService API is supposed to be an internal Opencast interface. External clients can use the External API to access Opencast statistics and the Opencast Admin UI has access through the Admin UI facade.

External API

The External API supports Opencast statistics by its Statistics API endpoint.

Admin UI

The Admin UI supports Opencast statistics at various levels:

File Description
modules/admin-ui/src/main/java/org/opencastproject/adminui/endpoint/ Implementation of the Statistics endpoint for the Admin UI facade
modules/admin-ui/src/main/webapp/scripts/shared/resources/statisticsResource.js Abstracts StatisticsEndpoint for use in the web application