Serve Content Via HTTPS

To make your installation available from the outside worls, you want to allow non-local traffic and want to secure connections from and to Opencast. To archieve that, you can either use an HTTP(S) proxy like Apache httpd or Nginx (recommended) or enable HTTPS directly in Opencast.

Note that introducing HTTPS will not automatically migrate old content. It may still use the previously configured HTTP protocol. For a semi-automatic migration, please take a look at the following guide:

General Recommendations

It's hard to keep up with security (e.g. proper TLS configuration). That is why we recommend using a proxy like Nginx or Apache as, due to their general popularity, it is usually much easier to find good configuration recommendations.

There are also a couple of great sites to test your final setup:

If you have no easy way of obtaining proper TLS certificates for your organization, please consider using Let’s Encrypt.

For testing and developer servers, properly configured self-signed certificates can be an option.