Termination State Service

This page documents the configuration for Opencast module terminationstate-impl.

This module is provided as a convenience when you wish to terminate the Opencast process or the machine it is running on, when Opencast may still be processing jobs you want to complete. It also forms the basis for more sophisticated services that assist the dynamic scaling of nodes in cloud environments, see AWS AutoScaling: Termination State Service

It does not terminate the Opencast process or the instance itself.

The default termination state is "none". If the termination state is set to "wait" it will:

The termination state can then be monitored and the action completed when the state is changes from "wait" to "ready".

Opencast Service Configuration

The Opencast Termination State Service configuration can be found in the file org.opencastproject.terminationstate.impl.TerminationStateServiceImpl.cfg.

Key name Value Example
job.polling.period frequency which to check if jobs are running in seconds 300