Workflow Operations

A short list of editor related workflow operations. For more and information and example usage check their respective documentation pages, or see their usage in the default workflows.

Waveform Operation

The Waveform operation creates an image showing the temporal audio activity within the recording.

Waveform Configuration

The Waveform service configuration file etc/org.opencastproject.waveform.ffmpeg.WaveformServiceImpl.cfg provides advanced settings.

Silence Operation

The Silence operation performs a silence detection on an audio-only input file.

Silence Detection Configuration

The settings regarding the sensitivity of the silence detection can be changed in etc/org.opencastproject.silencedetection.impl.SilenceDetectionServiceImpl.cfg.

Editor Operation

The Editor operation cuts the source file(s) according to the given SMIL file(s). SMIL file(s) are usually generated by the video editor frontend.

Editor Configuration

The FFmpeg properties for the edtior operation can be modified in etc/org.opencastproject.videoeditor.impl.VideoEditorServiceImpl.cfg. Usually there should be no reason to touch this file.

To configure the trimming of the start/end of a video by the editor operation, check the bottom of etc/org.opencastproject.organization-mh_default_org.cfg. (TODO: Confirm if these values are actually still used by the editor?!)