YouTube Publication Configuration

This page documents the configuration for Opencast module publication-service-youtube-v3.

Before you start

You need to meet these requirements to make a YouTube Publication:

Google Developers Configuration

Below is a summarized version of Google's quickstart page. If these instructions do not work for you, or are unclear please let us know - Google has a habit of changing its configuration pages and we don't always notice!

Create new Google Project

Save Client ID in JSON Format

Enable API

Enable the publication service

YouTube configuration in Opencast

With the JSON file created and saved previously, you have to proceed as described:

Add YouTube publication to your Opencast workflows

Opencast can now publish to YouTube. To make use of this, add the Publish YouTube workflow operation to your Opencast workflows. You can find more details on how to use the operation on its own page. In general, it should be placed near your other publish operations.

You may also want to add the Retract YouTube workflow operation near your retract operations.