Install from Repository via Ansible (Debian, and RedHat based distros)

We provide Ansible installation and configuration scripts which drastically reduce the time required to set up an Opencast installation, and help you manage the configuration across your entire cluster. Whether you are installing a single machine, or dozens, these scripts should do the basic setup of your Opencast install.

Note that these scripts are meant as a basis to get you started and you will likely need to adjust and extend them to fit your local environment for which you need to have some basic knowledge of Ansible. Please review the scripts before using them to make sure they fit your needs.

Examples in this document refer to 7.x and r/7.x. You should replace those with the version you want to install!

Install Ansible

Ansible may be available from your distribution's packaging manager, or you may need to install it manually. See the Ansible installation documentation for more details.

Script Setup

The next step is getting the scripts themselves. Go to the list of branches and then click on the branch version you want. This must match the desired Opencast version, so if you want the latest Opencast 7 release click on r/7.x. Then click on Clone or download, then Download Zip. You will need to decompress this file someplace handy, and then run terminal commands from inside that directory.

Alternatively, if you familiar with git you can just clone the repository like this

git clone -b r/7.x

Install Opencast

To complete your install, please follow the instructions in the documentation included in the scripts.