Opencast 16: Release Notes

Opencast 16.1

This is an important bugfix release fixing a problem preventing the presentation node from properly starting up and therefor breaking cluster installations. Additional, it fixes a problem with Tobira harvesting new events. Don't try to use 16.0 use this release!

It also comes with a lot more bug fixes. Especially the new admin interface got a lot of work.

Opencast 16.0

Features, Improvements and Behavior changes

For more details, please take a look at the full changelog.


If you want to update Opencast from a previous version, please carefully read through the upgrade guide. For this upgrade, you should be particular aware of the following facts:

Release Schedule

Date Phase
May 06, 2024 Release Branch Cut
June 12, 2024 Release of Opencast 16.0

Release Managers