Add Catalog Workflow Operation

ID: add-catalog


This operation adds a catalog to the media package of the running workflow. The catalog to add is specified by path. Additionally the name, flavor and tags of the catalog can be configured. If a catalog of the same flavor already exits in the media package, the parameter catalog-type-collision-behavior specifies how this case is handled.

Parameter Table

Configuration Key Example Description
catalog-path ${karaf.etc}/catalogs/default_dublincore.xml Path to the catalog
catalog-flavor dublincore/episode Flavor of the catalog
catalog-name dublincore.xml Name of the catalog
catalog-tags archive,dublincore List of tags, separated by commas
catalog-type-collision-behavior keep How a collision is handled (more information below)

All parameters are mandatory except catalog-tags.


If the flavor of the new catalog and the flavor of an already existing catalog match, the catalog-type-collision-behavior specifies how this situation is handled. There are multiple supported options: - keep: The new catalog is added despite the collision. This results in two catalogs of the same type coexisting. - skip: The addition of the new catalog is skipped, the new catalog is not added. - fail: The workflow operation fails with an error, depending on the your configurations the complete workflow is aborted.

Operation Example

    description="Add catalog to media package">
    <configuration key="catalog-path">${karaf.etc}/catalogs/default_dublincore.xml</configuration>
    <configuration key="catalog-flavor">dublincore/episode</configuration>
    <configuration key="catalog-name">dublincore.xml</configuration>
    <configuration key="catalog-tags">archive,dublincore</configuration>
    <configuration key="catalog-type-collision-behavior">keep</configuration>