Animate Workflow Operation

ID: animate


The animate operation can be used to generate an animated video clip using Synfig. It can automatically including episode and series metadata (e.g. the title) into the animation. For example, this can be used to automatically generate custom intro videos.

Parameter Table

configuration keys required description
animation-files yes The source animation file to use
target-flavor yes Flavor of the generated video
width no Width of the generated video
height no Height of the generated video
fps no FPS of the generated video
cmd-args no Custom synfig arguments. Will override all arguments except input and output file
target-tags no Tags for the generated video

Synfig Files

Synfig animation files used for input must be saved uncompressed or the metadata replacement will not work. Uncompressed files usually have the file extension .sif and not .sifz.

Metadata Replacements

You can use all metadata fields present in the episode and series DublinCore catalogs of an event. In SynfigStudio, just use placeholders of the following form:

'{{' ['series' | 'episode'] '.' DC-FIELD '}}'

Here are some common examples:

Operation Examples

  description="Create animated video clip">
    <configuration key="animation-file">/path/to/animation.sif</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">presentation/intro</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-tags">archive</configuration>