Copy Workflow Operation

ID: copy


The copy operation can be used to copy media package elements to a given target directory.

Parameter Table

Configuration Key Example Description
source-flavors presenter/source Comma-separated list of source-flavors
source-tags archive Comma-separated list of source-tags
target-directory* /mnt/mydisk The directory where the file is copied to
target-filename test The optional target filename. The file extension extract from the media package element URI will be appended

* mandatory configuration key


Target Filenames

If target-filename is not specified, the filename for each media package element is extracted from the media package element URI. If target-filename is specified, the filename is the result of appending the file extension (extracted from the media package element URI) to target-filename. In case the source-flavors and source-tags match multiple media package elements, a sequentially increasing integer number (starting at 1) can be used within target-filename in Java string formatting manner to ensure unique filenames.

Operation Example

    description="Copy sources to my disk">
    <configuration key="source-flavors">presenter/source, presentation/source</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-directory">/mnt/mydisk</configuration>