Cut Marks to Smil Workflow Operation

ID: cut-marks-to-smil


This operation parses a JSON containing cut marks into a SMIL that can be used by the Video Editor. It does this by attributing the given times to the specified tracks.

Tracks are assumed to start at 0. Likewise, cut marks are assumed to be specified relative to the beginning of the tracks.

The cut marks must be a media package attachment. For compatibility to early versions, the code falls back to looking for catalogs if no attachment was found.

Parameter Table

Configuration Keys Example Description
source-media-flavors presenter/prepared The flavors identifying the video tracks.
source-json-flavor cut-marks/json The flavor of the JSON. Must identify exactly one element.
target-smil-flavor smil/cutmarks The flavor of the resulting SMIL.
target-tags archive Tags to add to the resulting SMIL. (Default: null)

JSON Format

The JSON structure specifies all segments which should be kept after cutting. The property begin marks the start of a segment while duration its duration. The values are specified in milliseconds.

    "begin": 1672,
    "duration": 7199

Operation Example

    description="Process ingested cut marks by applying them to current tracks"
    <configuration key="source-media-flavors">presenter/prepared,presentation/prepared</configuration>
    <configuration key="source-json-flavor">cut-marks/json</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-smil-flavor">smil/cutting</configuration>