Duplicate Event Workflow Operation

ID: duplicate-event


The duplicate event operation can be used to duplicate an event by copying an existing one. The main use case are events, which contain a series of different presentations which were all recorded with just one recording. In order to create separate events for each presentation, the original recording can be copied and each copy can be cut to only contain one presentation. If the original event was already published, the duplicate won't be published right away. The user will have to publish it manually when he is done editing it.

For each duplicated event the new media package ID is stored as a workflow property:

Name Example Description
duplicate_media_package_*number*_id duplicate_media_package_1_id=e72f2265-472a-49ae-bc04-8301d94b4b1a Media package ID of the duplicated event
duplicate_media_package_ids duplicate_media_package_ids=e72f2265-472a-49ae-bc04-8301d94b4b1a, a32e2265-472a-49ae-bc04-8351d94b4b1c comma separated list of Media package IDs of the duplicated event

* will be deprecated

Parameter Table

Configuration Key Example Description
source-flavors archive Copy any mediapackage elements with one of these (comma separated) flavors.
source-tags */* Copy any mediapackage elements with one of these (comma separated) tags.
target-tags +copied Apply these (comma separated) tags to any copied media package elements. If a target-tag starts with a '-', it will be removed from preexisting tags, if a target-tag starts with a '+', it will be added to preexisting tags. If there is no prefix, all preexisting tags are removed and replaced by the target-tags.
property-namespaces org.opencastproject.assetmanager.security Copy all asset manager properties of these (comma separated) namespaces.
copy-number-prefix copy The prefix used for the number of the copy which is appended to the title of the new event.
number-of-events 2 How many events to create.
max-number-of-events 1000 How many events are allowed to be created at maximum.
no-suffix true Boolean to decide if the number suffix (copy #) is not attached (true ... no attachment, false ...copy # is attached)
set-series-id 3547a900-e0ee-4e3f-9e67-2157cd42c700 Id of the series the copied events should be added to
set-title copy of mediapackage Title of the newly created events. Default to original event title. If no-suffix is set to false a copy # will be attached
set-start-date-time 2021-12-02T22:22:22 Date and time to be set on the newly created events. Default to orignial event date.

Operation Example

    description="Duplicate event">
    <configuration key="source-flavors">*/*</configuration>
    <configuration key="number-of-events">${numberOfEvents}</configuration>
    <configuration key="max-number-of-events">1000</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-tags"></configuration> 
    <configuration key="no-suffix">false</configuration
    <configuration key="set-series-id">${seriesId}</configuration>
    <configuration key="set-title">${mpTitle}</configuration>
    <configuration key="set-start-date-time">${startDateTime}</configuration>
    <configuration key="property-namespaces">org.opencastproject.assetmanager.security</configuration>
    <configuration key="copy-number-prefix">copy</configuration>