HTTP Notification Workflow Operation

ID: http-notify


Opencast can through this operation notify any HTTP endpoint about the process of the workflow.

Parameter Table

A parameter that is always posted is the workflow instance identifier in the parameter named workflowInstanceId containing the current workflow’s identifier.

Key Required Description Example
url true The target URL to notify
subject false The name of the event to notify from. The following events are planned: importing_started, imported, prepared, processing_started, published importing_started
message false Data supporting the notification. Think of this as the body of an e-mail internal::25
method false Supported methods are "put", "post". If no method is specified, "post" is used by default post
max-retry false The maximal number of notification attempts. The default value is 5 5
timeout false The timeout in seconds for the notification request: The default value is 10 10

Operation Example

    description="Notify test">
    <configuration key="url"></configuration>
    <configuration key="subject">importing-started</configuration>
    <configuration key="message">internal::25</configuration>
    <configuration key="method">put</configuration>
    <configuration key="max-retry">3</configuration>
    <configuration key="timeout">5</configuration>