Inspect Workflow Operation

ID: inspect


The inspect operation is used to inspect all tracks of a media package. It tries to verify if they are valid media tracks. The inspect operation will also set the duration and creation date of the dublincore/episode catalog (if available) to the media package duration and media package creation date.

Parameter Table

Configuration Key Type Description Default
accept-no-media Boolean Whether mediapackages with no media tracks should be accepted false
accurate-frame-count Booelan Whether the media inspection service should determine the exact frame count false
overwrite Boolean Whether to rewrite existing metadata false

Accept No Media

If the configuration key accept-no-mediais set to false, the operation will fail if the media package does not contain any media tracks. If this behavior is not appropriate, set accept-no-media to true.

Accurate Frame Count

The media inspection service will provide the number of frames in case of video streams. Normally, this information is extracted from the media file header. In case of incorrect media file headers, this information might not be accurate. Using the configuration key accurate-frame-count, the media inspection service can be forced to perform a full decoding of the video stream. While this does result in an exact count of frames, this is expensive in terms of computation power.


The inspection service will try to fill empty metadata fields. It will not overwrite any existing values except when you specify the option overwrite as true.

Operation Example

    description="Inspecting mediapackage track elements">
    <configuration key="overwrite">false</configuration>
    <configuration key="accept-no-media">false</configuration>
    <configuration key="accurate-frame-count">false</configuration>