Publish Engage AWS/S3 Workflow Operation

ID: publish-engage-aws


The publish-engage-aws operation will publish your recording to the normal publication channel (e.g. engage), but the media files will be hosted via AWS S3/Cloudfront.

Parameter Table

configuration keys description
check-availability Check if the media is reachable
download-source-flavors Distribute any mediapackage elements with one of these (comma separated) flavors to download
download-source-tags Distribute any mediapackage elements with one of these (comma separated) tags to download
download-target-subflavors Subflavor to use for distributed material
download-target-tags Add tags (comma separated) to published media
strategy If there is no key, published media would be retracted before publishing
<configuration key="strategy">merge</configuration>
merges new publication with existing publication
merge-force-flavors Flavors of elements for which an update is enforced when mergeing catalogs.
Defaults to dublincore/*,security/*.

Operation Example

    description="Distribute and publish to engage player using AWS S3">
    <configuration key="download-source-tags">engage,atom,rss</configuration>
    <configuration key="check-availability">true</configuration>
    <configuration key="strategy">merge</configuration>