Select Version Workflow Operation

ID: select-version


The select-version operation replaces the current media package in the running workflow with a previous version from the asset manager. This operation should be one of the first operations in a workflow e.g. before ingest-download.

This operation is useful in situations where we want to run a workflow using an older version of the media package from the asset manager, such as rolling back, retrieving discarded media previously archived, etc.

There are currently two ways of specifying which version to select, which are mutually exclusive:

How to find the desired version of the media package?

There isn't currently an easy way to list all the versions of a media package. If you have access to the database, you can query it with:

    select version, archival_date, mediapackage_xml
        from oc_assets_snapshot
        where mediapackage_id = “A_MEDIA_PAGKAGE_ID”;


Parameter Table

configuration key description example
version Which version number to select from the asset manager 0
source-flavors The flavors where to check for non-existence of the tags passed in no_tags presenter/delivery
no-tags Tags that need to be absent in the elements with source-flavors flavor aTag


Example 1

Select version 0 of the media package from the asset manager:

<operation id="select-version"
           description="Select version 0 of media package to use in current workflow">
        <configuration key="version">0</configuration>

Example 2

Select the latest version where delivery media do not have the tags hls-presenter-mp4 and hls-presentation-mp4:

<operation id="select-version"
           description="Select version with no hls tags in delivery media to use in current workflow">
        <configuration key="source-flavors">presenter/delivery,presentation/delivery</configuration>
        <configuration key="no-tags">hls-presenter-mp4,hls-presentation-mp4</configuration>