Statistics Writer Workflow Operation

ID: statistics-writer


The statistics writer operation can be used to publish statistics about a video to a statistics backend such as InfluxDB. Currently, it only writes the length of the video in seconds to the data base. It can be configured to write the negative length and can thus be used for retract workflows, too.

Parameter Table

configuration keys required description
flavor yes The flavor of the track you want to publish statistics about
measurement-name yes Measurement name in the statistics DB
organization-resource-id-name yes Resource ID name for the organization
length-field-name yes Field name for the length of the video
temporal-resolution yes Temporal resolution to store the length in *
retention-policy no Retention policy to use for the statistics DB
retract no Whether to publish positive or negative numbers (default: false)

* Possible values are milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days

Operation Examples

  description="Collect video statistics">
    <configuration key="flavor">presenter/video</configuration>
    <configuration key="retract">false</configuration>
    <configuration key="retention-policy">infinite</configuration>
    <configuration key="measurement-name">publishedhours</configuration>
    <configuration key="organization-resource-id-name">organizationId</configuration>
    <configuration key="length-field-name">hours</configuration>
    <configuration key="temporal-resolution">hours</configuration>