Video Editor: Setup


Since Matterhorn 2.0 the videoeditor modules use ffmpeg for the prcessing. An ffmpeg version > 2.4 is hardly recommended-


UI Config File Parameters

Currently there are two config file parameters for UI options.

The config file can be found at etc/load/org.opencastproject.organization-mh_default_org.cfg

  1. prop.adminui.prePostRoll
  2. Change the duration of the pre and post roll (in seconds)
  3. prop.adminui.minSegmentLength
  4. Change the minimum required segment length (in seconds)

Silence Detection Config Parameters

The settings regarding the sensitivity of the silence detection can be changed in etc/services/

  1. silence.pre.length
  2. Duration of silence that should be included at the beginning of a new voice segment. This is to avoid that a cut seems to sudden.
  3. Default: 2000 (2s)
  4. silence.threshold.db
  5. Silence threshold in decibel (e.g. -50 for loud classrooms, -35 for silent indoor location).
  6. Default: -40
  7. silence.min.length
  8. Minimum duration in milliseconds to detect a sequence as silence.
  9. Default: 10000 (10s)
  10. voice.min.length
  11. Minimum segment duration in milliseconds to start a new voice containing sequence after a silent sequence.
  12. Default: 60000 (1min)

Video Editor Config Parameters

The ffmpeg properties for the Video Editor can be modified in etc/services/ Usually there should be no reason to touch this file.