YouTube Publication Configuration

This page documents the configuration for Opencast module matterhorn-publication-service-youtube-v3.

Create new Google Project

  • Login to Google account
  • Navigate to the Google Developers Console
  • Click Create Project and follow the instructions
  • On your new projects page, choose APIs & auth then Consent screen in the navigation pane

Enable API

  • Choose APIs in the navigation pane
  • Use the filter to find and enable YouTube Data API v3

Register an Application

  • Choose Credentials in the navigation pane
  • Click Create new Client ID for OAuth
  • Choose Installed application for the application type and Other for the installed application type
  • Accept with Create Client ID

Save Client ID in JSON Format

  • Download the client information in JSON format by clicking Download JSON
  • Save the JSON file to ${karaf.etc}/youtube-v3/client-secrets-youtube-v3.json (Usually this is etc/youtube-v3/client-secrets-youtube-v3.json)

Generate OAuth Tokens

  • Start Opencast
  • Follow the request URL appearing in the Opencast logs and click Accept
  • The resulting website will say Received verification code. Closing...

The generated token is saved at ${}/youtube-v3/data-store/store (Usually this is work/opencast/youtube-v3/data-store/store). If the file is not found or invalid a new request URL will be generated. Both paths for the JSON file and the token file can be altered in the service properties file at etc/services/org.opencastproject.publication.