Workflow Operation Handler


Workflows are the central element to define how a media package is being processed by the Opencast services. Their definitions consist of a list of workflow operations, which basically map a piece of configuration to Opencast code:

<definition xmlns="">
        <configuration key="source-flavors">presentation/trimmed</configuration>
        <configuration key="target-flavor">presentation/tagged</configuration>

Default Workflow Operations

The following table contains the workflow operations that are available in an out-of-the-box Opencast installation:

Operation Handler Description Details
analyze-audio Analyze first audio stream Documentation
append Hold for user to select workflow to continue with Documentation
archive Archive the current state of the mediapackage Documentation
caption Waiting for user to upload captions Documentation
cleanup Cleanup the working file repository
compose Encode media files using FFmpeg Documentation
composite Compose two videos on one canvas. Documentation
concat Concatenate multiple video tracks into one video track Documentation
defaults Applies default workflow configuration values Documentation
editor Waiting for user to review, then cut video based on edit-list Documentation
email Sends email notifications at any part of a workflow Documentation
extract-text Extracting text from presentation segments Documentation
http-notify Notifies an HTTP endpoint about the process of the workflow Documentation
image Extract images from a video using FFmpeg Documentation
image-to-video Create a video track from a source image Documentation
incident Testing incidents on a dummy job Documentation
ingest-download Download files from external URL for ingest Documentation
inspect Inspect the media (check if it is valid) Documentation
normalize-audio Normalize first audio stream Documentation
post-mediapackage Send mediapackage to remote service Documentation
prepare-av Preparing audio and video work versions Documentation
publish-engage Distribute and publish media to the engage player Documentation
republish Republishes elements to search Documentation
segment-video Extracting segments from presentation Documentation
segmentpreviews Extract segment images from a video using FFmpeg Documentation
series Apply series to the mediapackage Documentation
silence Silence detection on audio of the mediapackage Documentation
tag Modify the tag sets of media package elements Documentation
trim Waiting for user to review, then trim the recording Documentation
waveform Create a waveform image of the audio of the mediapackage Documentation
zip Create zipped archive of the current state of the mediapackage Documentation