The CoverImageWorkflowOperationHandler generates a cover image based on an XSLT transformation which results in an SVG image that is rasterized as PNG as a last step.

Parameter Table

Name Type Example Default Value Description
stylesheet * URL file:///etc/opencast/branding/coverimage.xsl - File URI to the XSL stylesheet used to generate the SVG image
metadata XML Hello! - XML string which is passed to the XSL transformation. If parameter is not given, a default XML is handed to the transformation
width * int 1920 - Width of the resulting image
height * int 1080 - Height of the resulting image
posterimage-flavor Flavor image/poster - Flavor of a poster image which may be used as a part of the cover image (e.g. as a background)
posterimage URL - URL to a custom poster image instead of using one out of the media package
target-flavor * Flavor image/cover - Flavor of the resulting cover image
target-tags String archive,download - Comma separated list of tags to be applied to the resulting attachment.

Operation Example

  description="Create a cover image">
    <configuration key="stylesheet">file:///etc/opencast/branding/coverimage/opencast-default.xsl</configuration>
    <configuration key="metadata"><![CDATA[<meta><title>my custom title</title><special>very special</special></meta>]]></configuration>
    <configuration key="width">1920</configuration>
    <configuration key="height">1080</configuration>
    <configuration key="posterimage-flavor">presenter/player+preview</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">image/cover</configuration>


As a starting point for your own template you best take a look at file /coverimage/default-template.xsl in the resources of the bundle opencast-conductor. The metadata XML, which is passed to the cover image service in case you don't pass your own, looks like the following example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <title>Puppy Love</title>
  <license>All rights reserved</license>
  <series>Superbowl Commercials</series>