The waveform operation creates an image showing the temporal audio activity within the recording. This is be done with a probably well known waveform (see example image). waveform The operation does not need an additional module, as it is not very work intensive to create such an image. The operation needs and audio-only file to create the image and it provides an PNG image.

Parameter Table

configuration keys example description default value
source-flavors "*/audio" Input parameter is the source-flavor of the audio files for which a waveform should be created. The *-operator can be used if the waveform should be created for all flavors with a certain subtypes (like "audio" in our example). EMPTY
target-flavor "*/waveform" The output-parameter is target-flavor which should use the *-operator if it was used in the source-flavor too. EMPTY

Operation Example

  description="Generating waveform">
    <configuration key="source-flavor">*/audio</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">*/waveform</configuration>