The ComposeWorkflowHandler is used to encode media files to different formats using FFmpeg.

Parameter Table

configuration keys example description
source-flavor presenter/work Which media should be encoded
target-flavor presenter/delivery Specifies the flavor of the new media
source-tags sometag Tags of media to encode
target-tags sometag Specifies the tags of the new media
encoding-profile webm-hd Specifies the encoding profile to use
tags-and-flavors true When false (default), the operation selects input elements that have EITHER any of the source tags OR the source flavor. When true, the operation selects input elements that have BOTH the source-flavor AND any of the source tags

Operation Example

    description="Encoding presenter (camera) video to Flash download">
        <configuration key="source-flavor">presenter/trimmed</configuration>
        <configuration key="target-flavor">presenter/delivery</configuration>
        <configuration key="target-tags">engage</configuration>
        <configuration key="encoding-profile">flash.http</configuration>