Upgrading Opencast 2.3 To 3.0

This guide describes how to upgrade Opencast 2.3.x to 3.x. In case you need information about how to upgrade older versions of Opencast, please refer to the old release notes.

How to Upgrade

  1. Download Opencast 3.0
  2. Stop your current Opencast instance
  3. Back-up Opencast files and database (optional)
  4. Upgrade the database
  5. Update the third party tools
  6. Replace Opencast 2.3 with 3.0
  7. Recreate admin ui search index
  8. Review the configuration changes and adjust your configuration accordingly

Database Migration

Opencast 3.0 includes the following database changes:

  1. Support for OAI-PMH (MH-12013)
  2. Fix for a mis-named role name for the External API (MH-12015)

It should be needless to say that this migration should not take a lot of time and should be safe. Nevertheless, as with all database migrations, we recommend to make a database backup before attempting the upgrade.

You can find the database upgrade script in the Opencast repository .

Recreate Admin UI Search Index

MH-11861 needs the admin ui search index to be recreated. This can be achieved by calling POST /admin-ng/index/recreateIndex using the REST-API Docs. Note the rebuilding the search index may take hours depending on how much data needs to be reindexed.

Configuration Changes

  1. The parameter "karaf.shutdown.pid.file" is renamed to "karaf.pid.file" (MH-12188)
  2. The optional organization property 'prop.adminui.user.listname' can be used to set the display format of users in the group editor (MH-12211)

Requirements Changes

Note that Opencast 3.0 requires Java 1.8. In case you used Java 1.7 for Opencast 2.3, you will also need to update Java.