Color Palette

The color palette is a very cool feeling range of icy blues and crisp greens with cold grey accents. The subtle differences between the colors offer a comfortable viewing experience without losing an ease of differentiation between elements. The blend of colors work together in a mature fashion presenting a more professional environment for users. Percentage tints can be used of any of these colors.


Secondary Color Palette

The Secondary Palette should be used as a guide for the tone of a color. It is intended to be ever evolving, offering an endless palette to choose from.

    • #4da1f7
    • Bright Blue
    • HEX #4da1f7
    • RGB 77, 161, 247
    • SCSS $bright-blue
    • #fa1919
    • Red
    • HEX #fa1919
    • RGB 250, 25, 25
    • SCSS $red
    • #e45253
    • Alternate Red
    • HEX #e45253
    • RGB 228, 82, 83
    • SCSS $alt-red
    • #e4d12e
    • Yellow
    • HEX #e4d12e
    • RGB 228, 209, 46
    • SCSS $yellow

Shades of gray

A selection of grayscale colors for background, border or text color use.